Eight persons including two police officers, two special Police Constables and four civilians lost their lives in the robbery attack on Wednesday in lkire, Osun state.

The attack which involved two banks, a divisional police headquarters and Armoured Personnel Carrier happened at exactly half past six on Wednesday evening.

The affected places were attacked simultaneously by the armed robbers apparently to incapacitate the Police.

The palace of Akire of Ikire was not spared in the attack.

All the Scenes of the unfortunate incidents particularly the banks were cordoned off and journalists were not allowed access.

A number of combined Security Operatives and members of vigilante group have been deployed there.

Relatives of the deceased officers were seen in front of the police station.

A former Chairman of Irewole Local Government, Remi Abass who spoke about his efforts during the attacks, said they were pre-planned, he wants security achitecture strengthened to prevent a reoccurrence.

Some of the people in the area said the armed robbers came to hijack a bullion van conveying cash to one of the banks but miscalculated while an eye witness also told newsmen that the armed robbers escaped with some police ammunition.


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